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We connect Individuals, Trusts and Foundations to trusted non-profits across India meeting their giving criteria

Our network includes 650+ NGOs across 500+ zip codes, 13 causes and all 17 UN SDGs. Whether it's legacy giving, a one-time donation or a personal passion project, you can avail our Advisory Services to ensure that your donations reach a credible cause that resonates with you.

We’ll help you craft a strategic, long-term plan that reflects your philanthropic goals so you can support the causes you are passionate about and leave a legacy that endures. Our Research Team will identify appropriate non-profit partners which meet your unique giving criteria. This service is ideal for those who want to go beyond word-of-mouth references and internet-based research for NGOs. 

We make an effort to identify small and medium-sized NGOs which meet the highest standard of credibility and due diligence norms, and run efficient programs but have lesser visibility than the popular NGOs.

HelpYourNGO is a One-stop Shop for Donors - from crafting a giving strategy to NGO partner identification and conducting NGO visits, from Program Monitoring to sharing periodic update Reports – we support our donor community throughout their philanthropic journeys. 


We aim at raising funds for any credible NGO but make an effort to recommend and identify small and mid-sized NGOs running efficient programs and who can leverage a donor’s charitable contribution. These NGOs meet our standards of transparency and credibility, but are lesser known than the popular NGOs.


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Menstrual Hygiene Management Program – rural Rajasthan

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Student Friendly Supplementary Education Program – rural Rajasthan

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Tech-On-Wheels, a mobile computer lab – Mumbai

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Tree plantation – Maharashtra

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Rural Health Improvement Program – rural Maharashtra

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COVID-19 relief material distribution across Rajasthan and Maharashtra

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Success Stories

Girl overcomes financial hurdle and secures a job at a big MNC!

Sakshi was a Thrird Year Engineering student from Pune. After coming under the wings of the Katalyst program, not only has she excelled academically, but also evolved into a more confident person. For a young girl coming from a humble background whose average annual income was ₹ 1 lakh, it has been a phenomenal achievement to be successfully placed with a leading MNC with a starting salary of ₹ 13.70lakh p.a. 

We can only wish that Sakshi inspires many more girls coming from a background like hers to spread their wings and fly high!

Desire to pursue education overcomes all barriers

7th std student Vansh Sahu lost his father to liver failure when he was in the 2nd std. His maternal uncle came to the aid of his mother but passed away due to a massive heart attack when Vansh was in the 4th std.  From then on Vansh took over the charge of helping his mother in her work as a vegetable vendor after school hours. Vansh who is now in 7th std is the eldest of the 3 school going children.

In order to save his mother the trouble of carrying heavy loads, he did it himself carrying the sacks of vegetables and loading and unloading the handcart. But this kind of daily labour took a toll on his health. The Sunbeam teacher came to know of his situation when he often came to the class limping.

He was advised to consult a Doctor who claimed his growth is stunted and he was also malnourished. But above all, his lower back problem needed immediate attention as the medication was not proving effective and as per doctor's advice further investigations were carried out. Doctor informed Vansh shouldn't be carrying heavy loads but each time Vansh spots the BMC van approaching, he hurriedly pushes the heavily loaded vegetable handcart away from their view but it takes the toll of his back and increases his pain. He is often tired to have a proper meal and at times goes to bed in utter exhaustion without any meals. Being the eldest child, he  is trying to help his mother at the cost of his health. Vansh's mother has decided to hire someone to help out in carrying heavy loads of vegetables instead of further impacting Vansh's health.

Vansh wants to continue with his studies and puts in every effort to pass in each subject. Sunbeam has helped Vansh with free education and has now extended support towards his treatment to bring him back to health by sponsoring his medical investigations and medicines.

Green Asset

One of our individual donors, desirous of offsetting the carbon footprint of himself and his family, supported the plantation of 3,500 saplings in Usgaon, a village in the outskirts of Mumbai. The saplings planted were fruit bearing to include 700 units of 5 types each: Jackfruit, Drumstick, Cashew, Black Jamun and Custard Apple.

The local community members assisted with plantation of saplings and are also responsible for their maintenance.The program's success is directly linked to the community's active participation. The community members are entitled to the fruits that the saplings bear which can be used for domestic consumption as well as commercial sale.

The program has achieved a dual objective of increasing green cover as well as providing tribal communities with sustainable livelihood opportunities.

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