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Need for Transparency

Globally, there are 10 million registered NGOs and of this, 3.3 million are registered in India. It is reported that less than 10% of these have complied with filing annual returns with the Registrar in FY16. In India, nearly 22,600 NGOs are registered to receive foreign donations under the FCRA 2010. Since 2011, nearly 20,600 NGOs lost their license because they were in violation of the FCRA law.

Also, due to some notorious NGOs which are exposed by the media periodically, there is a huge trust deficit among the donor community.

Hence, the need for transparency!


The HelpYourNGO Solution








HelpYourNGO is the only organization in India standardizing detailed financial and program information on 650+ NGOs across 500+ zip-codes, 23 states and focusing on 13 causes and all 17 UN SDGs.

Over the years, we have built the most robust mechanism for standardization of NGO information in terms of financial performance and programs implemented. Donors can find and donate to NGOs in our network that have been financially and qualitatively assessed beyond statutory fiscal audits using structured and systematic analytical tools.

We have helped corporates meet their CSR requirements and individuals, Foundations, and other institutions plan their philanthropic journey by identifying and recommending appropriate NGO partners which match their unique giving criteria. Once supported, our Research Analysts monitor the program progress and share periodic Fund Utilization and Program Reports with the donors for complete transparency.