NGO Due Diligence

We provide NGO due diligence services to enable donors to make 'informed' donation decisions

Due diligence exercise is crucial for grant makers looking at supporting new NGO partners or renewing the contract with ongoing NGO partners – by assessing the NGO on various qualitative and quantitative parameters and then make an informed donation decision.

Our Research Team, which includes Social Sector Experts and experienced Chartered Accounts, is well-equipped to assess the targeted NGO partners and their programs and comment on their existence issues, governance issues and finance issues. Based on your concern areas, we will outline the criteria and framework for the NGO due diligence activity. 

In most cases, the Due Diligence exercise covers both, qualitative and quantitative parameters like financial analysis, dependency on key donors, ratio analysis, succession plan and management depth, operating practises and process flows, ongoing litigations, etc.

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Due diligence is a risk mitigation exercise for grant-makers aimed at verifying the information submitted by the targeted NGOs. Involving professionals and multiple stakeholders will give the most accurate results.

Due Diligence Process


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Menstrual Hygiene Management Program – rural Rajasthan

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Student Friendly Supplementary Education Program – rural Rajasthan

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Tech-On-Wheels, a mobile computer lab – Mumbai

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Tree plantation – Maharashtra

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Rural Health Improvement Program – rural Maharashtra

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COVID-19 relief material distribution across Rajasthan and Maharashtra

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Success Stories

Inspiring change for good sanitation and hygiene

Anjana who has been recently elected as the village Sarpanch is playing an active role in spreading the message of safe sanitation and hygiene for her villagers. She has actively participated in all the awareness activities conducted and helps to ensure sustainability of the project. She says, “We have seen a lot of change in our habits. Earlier, most of the villagers had to resort to open defecation and we fell ill and were attacked by animals; rainy season was the most difficult time especially for young mother and pregnant females. Now most of the families have toilets and the life quality of life has improved. Everyone uses their toliets and there is no one who goes for open defecation. This is a good initiative for my village’s development."

Challenging gender stereotypes

Laxmi’s father comprises of her father who does housekeeping work, her mother who is a housewife and 2 younger brothers who are in school. Their family income was Rs.13,500/-.per month.

After completing her Class 10th from a Night School, Masoom’s Career cell supported Laxmi to do a Diesel Mechanic course from Industrial Training Insitute (ITI) Mumbai. This is a male dominated course and Laxmi was the only girl in her batch who was doing this course. Masoom appreciated her motivation as Laxmi was challenging the status quo. Laxmi successfully completed her course and went on to do an apprenticeship in Mahindra and Mahindra earning Rs.8,500/- per month.

In Laxmi’s own words, “I am very thankful to Masoom for providing me support for doing a Diesel Mechanic course. Girls never do this course, but Masoom guided, supported and motivated me to opt for this course. This field is challenging for girls and I am the only girl in my department. I am happy I am able to contribute to my family income.”

First generation learner becomes a Doctor!

Savitri, lived with her parents and two younger brothers in a small one room hut in Alibaug without electricity or any other facilities. Her father did labour work at construction sites whenever he found work, while her mother was a housewife. Their monthly income was Rs5,000. Under Project Anando, she not only received educational support but was also counselled and guided on how to deal with her stressful household conditions. Through interactions in workshops and participating in classroom activities she slowly learnt to develop social skills which built up her confidence. Savitri has fulfilled her dream of becoming a doctor. She is currently interning at a Government Hospital as well as a private establishment and she dreams of having her own Hospital one day, equipped with modern medical facilities, so that she can provide better healthcare facilities to the needy people in rural areas.

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