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CSR funds can be instrumental in supporting India’s growth story. India Inc has spent more than Rs 1 trillion (Rs 1 lakh crore) on CSR projects from FY15 to FY22. However, many companies restrict their spending because of lack of access to projects with good outcomes or even capable NGOs. 

At HelpYourNGO, we are uniquely qualified to support companies facing challenges in meeting the CSR requirements by identifying reliable NGO partners and funding opportunities while meeting all the legal requirements of The Companies Act, 2013.

Companies may choose to avail our services for any or all of the following: (i) CSR Strategy Formulation, (ii) NGO Partners Identification ,(iii) Conducting visits of supported programs, (iv) Conducting Due Diligence of identified / supported NGO partners, (v) Identifying Employee Engagement Opportunities, (vi) Brand Visibility Opportunities, (vii) Monitoring & Reporting of supported NGO programs.

HelpYourNGO has developed a robust framework to ensure each CSR grant is optimally utilised by the NGO partners. 

Our CSR Experts assist Companies in not merely adhering to the CSR norms but designing a well-structured CSR strategy which will have a positive impact on the targeted communities.

CSR Services Offered

HelpYourNGO has developed a robust framework to ensure your CSR funds are utilised optimally by the identified NGO partners. Companies may choose to avail our services for any or all of the following:

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Menstrual Hygiene Management Program – rural Rajasthan

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Student Friendly Supplementary Education Program – rural Rajasthan

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Tech-On-Wheels, a mobile computer lab – Mumbai

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Tree plantation – Maharashtra

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Rural Health Improvement Program – rural Maharashtra

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COVID-19 relief material distribution across Rajasthan and Maharashtra

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Success Stories

Night School Student cracks CA exams!

Rakesh's story is of remarkable focus in the face of adversity. Rakesh had to drop out from school in Std VII owing to the untimely death of his father and move back to his native place in Ajmer, Rajasthan. On coming back to Mumbai in the middle of the academic year, he was forced to take admission in a Night School. Rakesh was desirous of studying further and securing a better future for himself and his family. The family's average monthly income from footwear business was ₹8,000/- and it was not sufficient to meet the expenses of rent, household and education for himself and his younger brother pursuing B.Sc.IT.

He approached Masoom after hearing about their Career Cell's Long Term Scholarship Program.While pursuing graduation, he signed up for the Chartered Accountancy (CA) course. He has successfully managed to clear the first 2 levels of CA exam in the first attempt, a remarkable feat by any benchmark! He is presently undergoing articleship alongside preparing for his final exams and is also pursuing Masters in Commerce from the Mumbai University. Ranjeet has completed his SSC with 83%, HSC with 77% and B.com with 85%.

Shortcut to open defecation free household

Bachi Gangaram Saura, a resident of Shivli village recalled that she had to walk up-hill for two kilometers to relieve herself every day. She also mentioned that she felt threatened by animal and snake attacks in the dark, as the women of the village had to wake up early to practice open defecation in the dark so that no one could see them. She stated that the landowners would not let the women defecate in their fields and it became embarrassing for her to identify open defecation spots every day.

With the construction of individual sanitaion unit, she was happy that she had to walk just a few steps to reach the toilet. She even made a shortcut through her house to reach the toilet as well. Access to a basic necesity brought so much comfort and security in Bachi's life!

Menstrual myths and taboos leading to social ostracization

Karma, aged 17, was a brilliant student who wanted to study but had to drop out of school due to taboos associated with menstruation.

Her mother stated that she got her first menses when she was in Class 9 and later her menstrual cycle was irregular. Instead of taking her to a doctor, they took Karma to a 'Baba' who stated she was a victim of ‘black magic’. Due to this, the community members asked them to abandon the village and the family had to start living in the farms outside the village. Unawareness of correct information about puberty and menstruation led to Karma discontinuing school. 

Karma and her parents were given proper information and counselling on menstruation.Her parents' support and her dedication for education made her parents take an important decision to let her complete schooling by allowing her to give her exams every year.

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